At Blue Leaf we're there from the start to finish; whether it is teaching someone their first chords; helping a band find it legs; writing, recording and getting original music out there; to providing the vary stages on which they can display their talents...we have what you need!

Mobile Stage
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Stage Packages

"As long as people want to be famous, they'll need shit to stand on."   

Blue Leaf specializes in the needs of small and intermediate outdoor events and festivals (1 - 2000 attendees). We offer two sizes of mobile product:

Model 2016 - this is our primary stage which offers a 20 x 16 square foot performance area as well as two 4 x 4 wings for sound system speakers - therefore 28 feet of total frontage raised 3 feet off the ground and along with its side standards and 12 foot high curved roof construction it has an impressive "performance bowl" like appearance...on-lookers and artists alike, agree that the aesthetics of this model enhance and add no small amount of professional polish to an artists or group's appearance and the ambiance to inspire these same performers to deliver their best.

Extenstage Package - new this coming year, larger venue event planners (over 1000 attendees) may wish to consider the addition of the 12 x 28 square foot "Extenstage", this additional 336 square feet of performance area attaches to the front of the Model 2016 and is perfect for large performance groups offering freedom to move and plenty of backline space, with the addition of the 4 x 4 speaker wings it extends the audience observable frontage to an impressive 36 feet, while still keeping the "performance bowl" aesthetics.

Our stages offer meshed sides for the warmer weather, breeze and shade, and solid sides for those more inclement occasions when rain may threaten. All our stages are fully insured and are xxxxxx approved meeting the XXX regulations.

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